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Yaer Team at PSI

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Oct 8th, 2012 | General

Last week, the Yaer Productions team came down to the shop to get some footage for their upcoming video for us.  Ryan Davis was joined by a few team members from the north.  Both Sully and Connor Surdi made the trip down.  

Yaer Team Capturing John Reed Racing

Above: Sully, Connor, and Ryan (in the back behind Connor) filming.  

Director Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis directed the interview with Jason Oefelein.  They had two cameras set up for this shot.  

Sully Filming

Sully gets up close with Whiplash, a custom '32 Ford Hot Rod.


When the guys from Yaer stop by, it is always a good time.  They were laughing at some funny outtake footage.  

Yaer Filming the F20 Hachi

Ryan getting some shots with Kyle Pollard's F20 Hachi in front of the shop.

Why did Ryan Davis cross the road

Why did Ryan Davis cross the road? . . . to get the perfect shot.  

A video of the shop would not be complete without a stop in the dyno.  

Yaer filming Dodge Viper on the dyno

Filming a dyno run of a Dodge Viper.  

Yaer Filming Kyle Pollard Welding

Another major part of what we do is custom fabrication.  Above: Ryan Davis gets some footage of Kyle Pollard welding some stainless.  

The Yaer team definitely got a lot of good footage and we can't wait for the video to be complete.  While you wait for the upcoming video, check out this video they made for us, awhile back.  It is from the time we rented out Packwood and Andrew Coomes got a chance to get some pointers from Justin Pawlak.  

Justin Pawlak- Andrew Coomes - YAER Productions (Part 1) from Ryan Davis on Vimeo.