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Yaer produced 350Z promo video

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Apr 4th, 2011 | General

This past year, we built an LS1 powered 350Z for one of our clients. The client is starting a new project and needs to part with this 350Z. He asked PSI to help him sell his car, so we are helping him. Instead of simply just posting that the car was for sale and listing out all the modifications, we decided to go beyond that. A list of specs is boring, so we thought a video would be better able to peak interest in this 350Z. So we commissioned Ryan Davis, of Yaer Productions, to make us that promo video that would build interest in the car.

Ryan Davis filming PSI built LS1 350Z 002

Above: Ryan doing some filming with his camera and jib.

What you are about to see, do not try at home.

If you are interested in the car, contact Jason Oefelein at PSI.  An LS1 powered 350Z may not be your style, but feel free to call or come down to talk about a project that you have in mind.