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welding work

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Dec 30th, 2010 | Fabrication

Welding is the joining of two materials by melting and adding filler material.  Welding is something that takes a lot of skill to perform cleanly and efficiently.  We are fortunate to have several employees with the ability to weld but our fabricator Alex Laventure is the best.  He has been in this profession for over 18 years. 

One current project Alex is working on is welding a custom exhaust for a Subaru STi EJ25 that will be going into a 914 Porsche. 

This is the EJ25 with the exhaust and turbo mocked up.  The client has spot welded the pieces into place. 

Alex welded on the flanges.  The tight turns and confines of this exhaust system took a lot of skill.  Alex TIG welded the joints.  Photos of the completed exhaust are unavailable because I left for a trip to Hawaii before the work was completed.