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by Branden Scalera on Wed, Sep 17th, 2014 | Events and Shows, Formula Drift, Motorsports, Tuerckd

Tuerck invited some of the FD drivers to Pats Acres Racing Complex to film an episode of "Tuerck'd," which airs on Network A. 

by Branden Scalera on Thu, Jul 31st, 2014 | Events and Shows, Formula Drift, From the Web, General, Media Coverage, Motorsports, Tuerckd

A recap of our trip to FD Seattle from a mixture of sources.

by Branden Scalera on Thu, Jun 12th, 2014 | Formula Drift, Motorsports

Project S15-2JZ from Kratingdaeng Racing on Vimeo.

Jason, John Reed and Ryan Tuerck recently took a trip to Thailand to help Kiki Sak Nana build his S15 that he'll be running in Formula Drift Asia.

by Branden Scalera on Mon, Apr 14th, 2014 | Events and Shows, Formula Drift, From the Web, Media Coverage, Motorsports, Tuerckd

April 4th-5th was the season opener at Long Beach for Formula Drift 2014.

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Mar 13th, 2014 | Formula Drift

In between prepping Ryan Tuerck's Scion FR-S for the 2014 Formula D season, we have been watching video from last season.  In case you don't have Instagram, here are four videos from Ryan Tuerck's Instagram that we have been watched to get pumped.  Yaer Productions put together these videos for him.  Long beach is coming up fast and the car is coming together even faster. See you on the Streets of Long Beach.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Mar 12th, 2014 | Formula Drift, Performance Products, Suspension

Formula Drift Long Beach is approaching fast.  It will be many long nights preparing all the cars for the Streets of Long Beach.  

Check out these BR Racing ER series coilovers Ryan Tuerck just posted on his Instagram,

We will have Brian dial these in for the Streets of Long Beach, hope to see you there.  

by Branden Scalera on Tue, Feb 25th, 2014 | Formula Drift, Motorsports, Performance Products, Tuerckd

Wisefab has released some prototype aluminum front and rear knuckles for the FR-S platform. We will be testing these out on Ryan Tuerck's FR-S in the upcoming formula drift season. 

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Nov 27th, 2013 | Formula Drift, Motorsports

Jeff Wolfson Racing recently announced that we will be joining his program for the 2014 Formula Drift season.  (http://jeffwolfsonracing.com/2013/11/27/portland-speed-industries/)  

Early this off-season, Wolfson picked up a 2013 Scion FR-S.  Our contribution to the team will be the engine program and tuning.  We will be using the experience we gained over the past couple of seasons with the 2JZ to create a competitive setup for Wolfson and his FR-S.  

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