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by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Dec 28th, 2009 | Client Vehicles, Suspension

Most people have a tendency to overlook the full potential of their vehicles by just adding power.  Having a lot of power is nice, but the ability to control that power will ultimately increase the enjoyment of driving.  If you are able to increase the efficiency of power transfer, you are able to get more out of your vehicle and the power adders.  Upgrading the suspension on vehicles will improve the performance and make them more enjoyable to drive.  This is especially true for unibody vehicles like this Z28 Camaro.


This 2000 Z28 Camaro comes stock with an LS1, with a rating of 305-315 hp.  This particular Camaro has SLP intake, exhaust, and long tube headers.  These performance adders help to boost the power output of the LS1 to an estimated 350 whp.  The power gets to the ground via a set of Hankook 315/30/R18 tires in the rear and 275/40/R17 tires up front mounted on C5 rims.  This Camaro has already had the brakes upgraded to C5 Corvette units.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Dec 23rd, 2009 | Client Vehicles, On The Dyno

This past summer a 1994 Ford Mustang GT FR500 ran on our dynojet dyno.  This car is owned by Bill Riggs and tuned by John Dewar.  PSI collaborates with Dewar on some high end Ford projects.  This was one of the first high horsepower cars that ran on our newly installed dyno.  It put down 724 whp and 649 lb-ft of torque. This mustang holds the record for highest horsepower Ford and V8 on our dyno.  This mustang was featured in 5.0 Mustang, here's a link to the article, http://www.mustang50magazine.com/featuredvehicles/m5lp_1001_1994_mustang_gt_fr500/index.html.  This car is an example of a well built and tuned car from the Pacific northwest.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Dec 21st, 2009 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

The body of the Chevelle needed some attention after forty-two years.  Similar to the frame, the body was media blasted, so a thorough examination could be conducted.  Metal and bodywork is the specialty of Alex Laventure, metal fabricator at PSI, so all of the metalwork was done in-house by Laventure.  He patched holes, replaced sections, and reformed metal to get the body back to the way it should be.  The conversion to a 5-speed also required some modifications to the body.  The firewall was cut to accommodate the new pedals.  The tranny tunnel or hump was modified to fit the 5-Speed transmission.


Some surface rust in the interior.


by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Dec 17th, 2009 | Client Vehicles

With the planning phase complete, it was time to start disassembling the car.  The car was taken completely apart.  To do a thorough examination of the frame, it was media blasted down to bare metal.  Factory welds and weld splatter were ground down to clean up the frame.  After the frame was properly cleaned and prepped, a coat of chassis paint was laid down.


by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Dec 15th, 2009 | Client Vehicles

Strong passions often develop from childhood.  Bob Middlemas, a retail executive and client of PSI, developed a passion for cars at a young age.  Growing up in the 1960s, Middlemas was exposed to the cars of that era.  One particular car that captured Middlemas' attention was a 1967 Chevelle SS.  He dreamed of one day owning a 67 Chevelle SS and now years later, he is close to achieving this goal.

With his goal in mind, Middlemas flew to Oregon to meet with Jason Oefelein and Erick Sackhoff, co-owners of PSI.  This was the beginning of a long project to fulfill a dream.  Finding a 67 Chevelle SS in a condition that was acceptable to Middlemas was a daunting task.  Middlemas, Oefelein, and Sackhoff decided that the more appropriate route would be a frame-up restoration.  As they continued to talk, Middlemas informed them that he wanted his 67 Chevelle SS to have handling and amenities of a modern car.  Oefelein and Sackhoff both agreed with Middlemas the 67 Chevelle SS project became a restomod.

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Dec 4th, 2009 | Client Vehicles

IMG_8711 - Copy

Toyota Supra with a 76MM turbo made high 800's to the wheels through a turbo 400 transmission, in the quest for an 8 second pass the turbo, manifold, downpipe and intercooler have all been upgraded to support the GT4788 . In the quest for 8's the new setup should make over 1,000HP at the wheels, car is also equipped with nitrous that is used to flash the converter for the hole-shot as well adding power at the top of the power band.

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