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by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Sep 30th, 2009 | Client Vehicles, Events and Shows

This past weekend, Jason Oefelein drove down to Woodburn Dragstrip in the R34 Skyline GT-R for Battle of the Imports.  Ben Davis, an employee at PSI, also made the drive down in a Mark IV Toyota Supra, which has been tuned at PSI.

Jason Oefelein drove the R34 Skyline to BOTI

In this picture, we have Ben, Jason, and Steve next to the Evo VIII and the R34 Skyline.

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Sep 29th, 2009 | General

Erick grinding

Erick Sackhoff is the other co-owner of Portland Speed Industries.  Erick brings dedication and precision to his craft of metalworking and fabrication.  He is mostly self-taught and over the years has picked up pointers from others in the field. He has modified everything from a lifted Dodge Ram 1500 to a Buell XB12S motorcycle. 

He strives to make his personal vehicles perform well and stand out from the crowd.  He applies this same passion to customer vehicles that he has the opportunity to assist on. Erick promotes the company's research and development with revolutionary ideas and concepts.  Two current projects that were born from Erick's ideas are the Lincoln Continental and the 32baru, a 1932 Ford with a Subaru engine.  More unique designs are in the works.  Erick is currently working on ideas for using the Viper V10 engine. He has a discerning and perceptive eye that guarantees PSI's workmanship will maintain a high level of quality.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Sep 28th, 2009 | Client Vehicles, On The Dyno, Tuning

Evo VIII Steve Aguilar 2

Recently Steve Aguilar brought in an Evo VIII.  Flames shot out of the external waste gate that sticks out of the hood.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Sep 23rd, 2009 | General

Here at Portland Speed Industries have in our possession a tool of the future, The Dimensions 1200es printer. This Product allows us and provide our customers the opportunity to convert CAD (computer aided design) Files into a 3Dimensional product. The printer uses two different materials. One material is a beefy version of ABS plastic called ABS-Plus, and a water soluble plastic. The ABS plastic comes in multiple colors (natural, red, blue, olive green, black, gray, fluorescent yellow and nectarine) and will be used to form the final product. The model will be printed precisely .254 mm (.010 in.) or .33 mm. (.013 in.) of the original draft. The support material is used through out the whole printing process filling in any walls and bases needed to help "support" the ABS while it is getting laid.

The darker plastic is support material which can be used as a place holder to represent negative space, which allows for gears and moving parts to fall into place once the support material is dissolved.
by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Sep 17th, 2009 | General

Jason Oefelein has been in the high performance automotive industry for the past fifteen years and working on cars for the past eighteen years.  He started out as a technician at a small tuning shop and eventually worked his way up to Co-Owner of PSI.  His journey took him from Oregon to Arizona and finally back to Oregon. Jason has not received formal training in the industry because he has been in the industry before formalized training was available.  He learned from experience and began modifying a DSM back in 1993.  Back in the infancy of automotive tuning, everything was grassroots and hands-on learning.  As the time progressed, so did the ems solutions that were available.  Current ems solutions require more training to grasp their full potential.  He supplements his current knowledge by working with people who have a firm grasp on current ems solutions.  Jason is familiar with various ems solutions, such as AEM, EFI technologies, Haltech and PowerFC EMS to name a few. Jason has been involved in countless builds and groundbreaking projects.  Through these projects, Jason has worked with some premier tuners and engineers, like John Reed, Sean McElderry, and Jeremy Powell.  His tuning expertise has allowed him to travel all over the world to places like the French West Indies. Jason's title at PSI is Co-Owner and he is responsible for the day to day activites.  Besides running the company, he is the main tuner for PSI.  If you have a car and a plan, Jason is the one to talk to.  With his knowledge and experience, he will come up with a plan to get the most performance out of your vehicle.

Jason Oefelein at Burgerville

by Kyle Tomita on Sun, Sep 13th, 2009 | Events and Shows

Jason Oefelein took PSI's R34 Skyline GT-R out to Cars and Coffee early Saturday morning.

Jason Oefelein at Cars and Coffee

Jason talking to some people about the R34 Skyline GT-R. There were many different types of cars that showed up for Cars and Coffee.  Many of them were German, Italian, or American supercars.  There was a Porsche Carerra GT, Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, a Dodge Viper and a few more.  PSI's R34 Skyline GT-R was the only car from a Japanese automaker and it stood out.  Its appearance and rarity attracted attention from others who attended.   Jason explained about Skyline and the work had been put into it. More photos will be available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyletomita/sets/72157622228898773/

by Kyle Tomita on Sun, Sep 13th, 2009 | Events and Shows, Motorsports

courtesy of BoostFTW

Jason Oefelein took PSI's R34 Skyline GT-R up to Packwood, WA to support Mark and Ben, two PSI employees, at Smackdown '09.  Smackdown is an event with three different types of motorsports, which were drag, drift, and autocross.

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Sep 10th, 2009 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication, John Reed Racing, Tuning


A 2006 twin-turbo  Dodge Viper SRT-10 is a beast with a lot of power.  In case you need some proof of its power here is a dyno graph. For normal driving, 1000+ whp can be a lot for most drivers to handle.  Living in Oregon, sometimes the roads can get a little wet.  1000+ whp, 1000+ of torque, and wet roads are never a good combination, especially with an American supercar.  To handle all that power on wet pavement, John Reed, of John Reed Racing, has developed a traction control system that works with the Pectel EMS.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Sep 9th, 2009 | PSI Projects, Tuning

After a few tweaks with the fuel system, the Skyline was strapped down to the dyno for the real work to begin.

The Skyline on the dyno.

by Kyle Tomita on Sat, Sep 5th, 2009 | Client Vehicles

PSI recently worked on a 1967 Ford Mustang with a candy red paint job.  This 427 stroker Mustang has 48mm IDA Weber carbs.

Ford Mustang side

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Sep 4th, 2009 | General

PSI is located off of Hwy 26, right off exit 61.  At night you can see the bright sign from down Hwy 26 going in either direction.

the front of PSI

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Sep 2nd, 2009 | General

It is one thing to have a great concept or idea for a new project vehicle in your head Erick Sackhoff, Jason Oefelein, and the rest PSI imagine new concepts and ideas for future project vehicles. No matter how great an idea may be, it can go no further if it is not shared. You need to get your idea down on paper. That is where Todd Johnston comes in. He is the artist that creates the renderings for PSI's upcoming projects. PSI designs the projects and Todd renders them. The way he draws the vehicles are the way that PSI will build them.

PSI's 1999 R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Sep 1st, 2009 | General, Tuning

Currently in the works is a EMS solution for Lotus' Exige and Elise.  In the shop, we have a black Lotus Exige as a development platform.

Lotus Exige

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Sep 1st, 2009 | General

What do you do when you have a Dodge Viper that has hit a wall? You pull the engine and use the body for something else.  The 900 whp V10 Viper engine is sitting in the shop waiting to be used in a future project. With a Dodge Viper, a Sony Playstation 3, a Logitech G25 racing wheel, and a copy of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, PSI created there only racing simulator.

Dodge Viper Simulator with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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