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by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jun 30th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports, On The Dyno, Tuning

Jason tuning "White Apocalypse"

Andrew Coomes' LS2 powered S13, dubbed "White Apocalypse", finished up dyno tuning today.  Andrew will have 452 whp and 413 ft-lbs of torque to work with on the track. 

blog dyno-tuning-done-template-452-413

This LS2 setup produces more power than his previous turbo SR20 setup.  Not only is there a substantial increase in power and torque, but the reliability will also be there.  Being naturally aspirated, the turbo is taken out of the equation.  The torque curve with this V8 is perfect for drifting.  It produces torque at low rpms because it does not rely on a turbo spooling up first.  Andrew will have more than enough power to get his car going sideways.  Look for him at Evergreen Speedway as he competes in the Evergreen Drift ProAm Championship this year.  The next event will be July 9th and 10th.

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jun 29th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, General

After the strong push to finish Andrew Coomes' drift car last week, we continue to working a different projects.  One of which also includes an LS engine.

Snapshot of the shop

The cars are in various stages of work.  Some cars are getting parts installed, while others have having things fixed.  Some are here for service and tuning, while others are having engine swaps.  We are currently working on imports and domestics, along with a car that is both.

Nissan 350Z engine bay with an LS1

The Nissan 350Z that is sitting on the rack is having a LS1 installed.  This Chevy small block is replacing the VQ35, a 3.5L V6 from Nissan.  This swap will increase horsepower and torque, and will also give this import the sound of a muscle car.

Engine bay of an S2000

In the bay next to this LS1 powered 350Z , sits a turbo S2000 that is having a larger turbo system installed.  The smaller GReddy turbo kit is being replaced by a larger Mase Engineering turbo kit based around a Precision 5857 turbo.

You can also see two Corvettes being worked on.  The red one is a C2 Corvette.  We are currently working on the carb setup and will soon be tuning it on the dyno.  We will be sure to post up a video of this Corvette when it makes it onto our dyno.  Like the C2, the C6 Corvette in the background will also be tuned.  It currently has a ProCharger installed.  Before we begin tuning it, we will be doing a full service and installing a heads up display.

Not pictured in the first photo is what is going on in the fab shop and the dyno room.  Currently in the fab shop is another Toyota Supra.  This one is having a custom turbo manifold fabricated to accommodate the lower positioning of the turbo below the strut tower bar.

In the dyno room, sits "White Apocalypse", Andrew Coomes' LS2 powered S13.  This car is an unbelievable car.  We are currently tuning it and will be uploading a video of it soon.

Here is the video from its first test session

AJC Drift LS2 S13 Test Session on dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.

Check back here for updates on all these projects and many more.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 28th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports, On The Dyno, Tuning

As promised, here is a video of a run on our dyno during its first test session.

AJC Drift LS2 S13 Test Session on dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.

The sound from this video just does not do this car justice.  To get the full experience, you need to see and hear this car in person. 

Dyno numbers to be released once our test and tune session is completed later this week.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 28th, 2010 | Client Vehicles

Like most parts on a car, a clutch wears out over time and needs to be replaced.  Our client's clutch needed to be replaced in his Pontiac GTO.  So for a replacement, we got him a Monster Clutches Level 1 performance clutch kit.

We also opted for the 28 lbs billet flywheel.

Clutch installed

While installing the new clutch, we also installed a short shifter. 

Short throw shifter

Installing a new performance clutch can give you the feel and performance you want.

by Kyle Tomita on Sat, Jun 26th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Events and Shows, Motorsports

This past Friday, June 25, was the Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Competition.

Andrew Coomes debuted his LS2 powered Rocket Bunny S13.  To get his car ready, we put in over 250 man-hours in the past 3 days.   Andrew and his crew helped out whenever possible.

Jason tuning Andrew Coomes' LS2 powered S13 on MoTeC

Andrew Coomes practicing at Evergreen Speedway

Andrew had little time to practice in his new setup and did not compete in round 2.  We hope to see him at round 3.

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Jun 24th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication, Motorsports

Alex welding the front supports

 Putting in over 15 hour work days for the past 3 days, we are excited to have Andrew's drift car ready to test and compete.  Andrew and his crew, accompanied by Jason Oefelein and Gary Rayevich, left for Monroe, WA.  They are heading to Evergreen Speedway for a day of testing and tuning.  This is Andrew's first time driving his LS2 powered S13.  In previous competitions, Andrew was driving a SR powered S13.  The new LS2 setup has many improvements over the old setup. Work on the front end continued with the addition of supports for the front fenders, bumper, and headlights.

Front supports


A custom battery tray was fabricated and installed.

Welding the battery tray.

The oil lines were run and a Moroso oil accumulator was installed.  The accumulator helps maintain oil pressure. 

Moroso accumulator

Behind the radiator sits a power steering fluid cooler.

Power steering fluid cooler

The issue of the shifter position has been solved.  The issue was that the TKO transmission does not match up exactly to the 240 shifter hole.  To solve this issue, a Hurst shifter was modified to allow the shifter to come up through the original shifter boot.  The shifter position was moved back about 6 inches.  Along with the shifter, the hydro e-brake was also installed.

Shifter and E-brake

The AiM Sports MXL Strada dash was transferred over from the old car.  This digital dash display will give Andrew all the important information he needs while drifting.

AiM Strada dash

 Very early Thursday morning, the engine was started for the first time.

Jason creating the base map.

The engine was idled at 2500 rpm for 20 minutes to allow the cams to break-in.  After the 20 minutes, the oem valve springs were replaced with Comp Cam's dual springs.  At this time, new Comp Cam valve stem seals were installed as well. 

Original valve springs

[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1460" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Comp cam dual valve springs in the front."]

Comp cam dual valve springs in the front.

 After the valve springs were replaced with Comp Cam dual valve springs, the car was put on the dyno.  Jason is tuning this LS2 with a MoTec EMS. 

LS2 in the engine bay

Jason Oefelein tuning on the dyno.

After recieving a tune, the car was put on the alignment rack for some suspension tuning.  Once the suspension was setup for drifting, the oil was changed and the car was loaded onto the trailer.  Andrew and his crew are on there way to Monroe, WA.  Good luck Andrew.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jun 23rd, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports

After a long day and night of work, Andrew Coomes' drift car is coming along.  We will push even harder to get the car ready for the track today.  Our deadline is to have it ready to go by tonight because tomorrow will be a test and tune day, and a day to let Andrew practice with his new LS2 powered S13. 

The front end needed to be fabricated because the original one was not up to our standards.  We needed one that would be able to support the new radiator.  The front end also needed to be changed because a large radiator would be replacing the radiator and intercooler combination used with the turbo SR setup. 

Welding the front supports

Hammering the supports into shape.

Fabricated front support.

Welding on radiator mounts.

Custom radiator mount.

 While fabrication on the front end was taking place, others began working on the rear fenders.  The fenders needed to be cut for the proper fitment of the wheels.  Wide body fender flares will give the car the aggressive look it deserves. 

Cutting the rear fender.  

Grinding the rear fender.

Bending up the edges of the fender.

Riveting the fender flares.

 The rear suspension was another area that recieved attention yesterday.  The rubber bushings were replaced with aluminum ones.  The coilovers were transferred over from Andrew Coomes old race car.  New SPL suspension components were installed. 

Rear subgrame with aluminum bushings.

SPL suspension components

Rear suspension with SPL components

 The fuel system was installed in preparation for getting this engine started for the first time.  The fuel pressure regulator was mounted and the fuel lines were run.  The fuel lines were run close to the bottom of the car to keep them as safe as possible.  Billet fuel rails from FAST were also installed. 

Fuel pressure regulator.

Fuel lines and fuel filter.

 A custom throttle cable mount needed to be fabricated. 

Throtte cable mount.

  We hope to be finished soon, so Andrew can tear up the track this Friday at the Evergreen Drift Pro-Am competition.  Check back for an update later today.

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jun 22nd, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication, Motorsports

We are pushing hard to finish AJC's new drift car for the upcoming Evergreen Drift Pro-Am event on June 25th.  Our goal is to have the car running by the end of today. 

As of  this past weekend, there was a lot of work to do.  The LS2 currently sits in the engine bay, but has yet to be wired since some front end fabrication is currently taking place. 

LS2 sits on Sikky engine mounts.

While Gary and Alex work on the front end, Mark is working on the wiring and dash. 

blog front fab gary

Mark wiring up the harness for MoTeC

The gas tank has been put in and the hatch was installed. 

Installing the hatch.

Fabrication on the radiator and fan supports are continuing. 

We also are currently working on a transmission and shifter solution.  We have a TKO transmission hooked up to the LS2 however the shifter location does not match the 240's stock location.  The new driveline we recieved will also have to be modified to make it work.  We are using a 5-speed transmission as opposed to the 6-speed transmission that is normally mated to the LS2. 

Check back later today to see the progress of Andrew Coomes' LS2 powered 240 drift car.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 21st, 2010 | Client Vehicles, On The Dyno, Tuning

 2008 Corvette Z06 on dyno at PSI 2

A client came into to PSI to have his 2008 Corvette Z06 modified into a high horsepower street car.  He did not want to go the on the path of forced induction.  He requested that we produce more power, while keeping the engine naturally aspirated. 

A stock Z06's LS7 is rated for 505 hp at the crank.  This particular Z06 had American Racing headers and a Billy Boat exhaust, which helped it put down 469 whp and 446 ft-lbs of torque. 

These are both very respectable numbers for an naturally aspirated engine.  However, the owner wanted more power.  We started by having the heads CNC ported and milled. 

CNC ported and milled head.

We also chose to upgrade the cam to an aggressive one. 

Upgraded very aggressive cam.

Upgrading to this cam required many supporting parts.  Most of the valvetrain needed to be upgraded to match this aggressive cam.  The lifters, push rods, and exhaust valves were also upgraded.  The stock push rods were upgraded to ones made by Manley, while the exhaust valves were upgraded to Ferrea ones.  The rocker ratio needed to be changed to accomodate the new cam.  This adjustment was achieved with a Comp Cam trunion upgrade kit.  ARP head studs were also used during reassembly.

The fuel system was also upgraded to match the more aggressive cam.  A FAST billet fuel rail was used to deliver more fuel to the ID 700cc injectors.  These upgrades allow more fuel to reach the combustion chamber.  Along with the FAST fuel rail, a FAST LSXR intake manifold was also added.  The intake manifold was designed to allow air to flow more efficiently.

LS7 in a 2008 Corvette Z06

With all these performance upgrades, we also upgraded the clutch to match. We installed a Monster Clutches Level 3 kit with a billet lightweight flywheel. The lightweight flywheel weighs in at only 18 lbs. This upgraded clutch will be able to easily hold the power put out by this LS7. 

Without a proper tune, we would not get the full potential out of these upgrades.  EFI Live was used to retune this Z06 to not only ensure the engine is safe, but to get all the power out of this new setup. 

It is now time to see how this Z06 performs with these performance upgrades. Following is a video clip of this Z06 on our dyno.

591 whp Naturally Aspirated Corvette Z06 on the dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.

It put down 591 whp and 523 ft-lbs of torque. 

blog dyno-template-591-523

2008 Corvette Z06 on dyno at PSI

Not only did all these performance upgrades give this Corvette Z06 a lot more power but the sound it makes is amazing.

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Jun 18th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

After working on a custom exhaust for a K20 powered EG hatch, fabrication continues on the large single turbo Supra project.  This project required a lot of custom fabrication work to meet the needs of the owner.

The Supra project required a custom turbo manifold because of not only the large size of the turbo, but because of the location.  The owner requested that the turbo be positioned lower to accomodate the TRD strut tower bar he currently utilizes. 

blog test fit turbo

The lack of available turbo manifolds for mounting this size turbo in this location required a custom manifold to be fabricated.

blog turbo qs mani

blog welds 1

blog welds 2

blog welds 3

Turbo manifold fabrication.

Close up of turbo manifold.

Work on the turbo manifold continues and will soon be completed, but this project is not over yet.  Fabrication on the cold side and intercooler piping will soon begin.  Check back for more updates on this custom 71mm turbo setup.

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Jun 17th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, On The Dyno, Tuning

Whiplash is a 1932 Ford 3-window show car that has won many shows on the west coast and is a Portland Roadster Show Hall of Fame inductee.  We were fortunate to has the car at a private event this past summer.  The attention to detail is second to none.  The flames and blend are beautiful. 


Whiplash at PSI last summer. 

This beautiful show car was recently at PSI to improve idle and drivability.  The owner wanted Jason Oefelein to tune the car to help it run better. 

Tuning Whiplash at PSI 2

Tuning Whiplash at PSI 1

Jason Oefelein tuning Whiplash. 

This car was recently in our booth at the All Ford Show and Swap Meet. 

All Ford Show & Swap Meet 2010 4

Whiplash is for sale to the right buyer.  Contact us for more information.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jun 16th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, On The Dyno

Following the 1929 Ford, we had a 1955 Chevy Pick-up on our dyno.  This Chevy was powered by a Chevy small-block V8. 

1955 Chevy Pickup on dyno at PSI 3

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jun 15th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, On The Dyno

We were fortunate to have a  nice example of a rare 1929 Ford Coupe on our dyno.

1929 Ford Coupe on dyno at PSI 3

1929 Ford Coupe on dyno at PSI 2

1929 Ford Coupe on dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.

This 29 Ford put down 213 whp and 242 ft-lbs of torque.

Also check out, http://dyno.tunedbypsi.com for more of the vehicles that have been on our dyno.  Check back often as we are always adding new videos.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 14th, 2010 | Events and Shows, Motorsports

This past weekend was the annual Rose Cup Races at Portland International Raceway.

Rose Cup Races 2010 1

R34 Skyline at Rose Cup Races

Jason Oefelein took the Skyline down to the Rose Cup Races.  While down there, he talked to a some people that were interested in the Skyline.

The purpose of going down to PIR was to enjoy the races.  We also wanted to go support the car that had previously been on our dyno and was tuned by John Reed.

Roush Yates powered race car on dyno at PSI

Rose Cup Races 2010 2

Here is the car on the track.  It has a V8 from a Baja truck with a body of a 2010 Ford Mustang.  This car was one of the fastest and qualified second.

Rose Cup Races 2010 6

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Jun 11th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

blog most of turbo manifold

Most of the turbo manifold is complete.  The piping needs to be matched up to the piping that extends from the head.  For the proper fitment, the turbo, manifold, and wastegate have to be positioned in the car.  This is the tricky part because of the close confines of the engine bay. 

blog test fit

This photo shows how low the turbo will be sitting.  This lower position, below the strut tower bar, limits the space for the turbo manifold and wastegate. 

blog wastegate comp

The Tial wastegate used for this new setup is substantially larger. 

Check back for more on this turbo setup and installation.  Custom fabrication takes time, but in the end, the wait will be worth it.

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jun 8th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, John Reed Racing, On The Dyno, Tuning

A client brought in his 1957 Chevy Belair SS.  This Belair underwent restoration and modification. The original engine is replaced by a LS V8 with the addition of a supercharger.


57 Chevy Bel Air SS on the dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.

57 Chevy Bel Air SS on dyno at PSI 5

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jun 8th, 2010 | John Reed Racing, On The Dyno, Tuning

A race car powered by Roush Yates motor was on our dyno.  Roush Yates powered race car on dyno at PSI

Tuned by John Reed.


Roush Yates Powered Race Car on dyno at PSI from Portland Speed Industries on Vimeo.

blog Roush Yates 1

blog Roush Yates 2

blog Roush Yates 4

blog Roush Yates 3

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 7th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

Adding a 71mm turbo to a 2JZ, requires some custom fabrication.  Currently, we are designing and fabricating in-house a turbo manifold to mount a Garrett GTX4294R turbo with a SP quick spool valve. 

blog turbo stuff manifold

blog turbo comp

This large turbo is taking the place of a smaller 67mm turbo, which is a common size upgrade for MK IV Supras. 

The larger turbo will also have to be position in a way that allows the use of a TRD strut tower bar. 

blog space for turbo

This is the space available for the 71mm turbo, quick spool valve, and turbo manifold. 

blog test fit turbo

This turbo will have a tight fit in the engine bay of this MK IV Supra. 

To begin the process of fabricating a turbo manifold, plastic pieces were used to mockup the bends and curves of the piping. 

blog plastic tube

This is what the turbo manifold will look like.  Alex Laventure will soon begin fabricated it out of metal.  Check back soon for updates.

*Update June 7, 2010*blog turbo mani plastic and metal

Alex has begun fabrication.  Here is a photo of the turbo manifold, part of it made in metal with the other part still mocked up with plastic.

by Kyle Tomita on Sat, Jun 5th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Events and Shows

On June 5, 2010, the Hillsboro Fairgrounds was packed with not only Ford enthusiasts but car enthusiasts in general.  There were many vendors and car owners showing and selling what they got.  We had a booth at the show next to Highline Customs.  We brought down Erick Sackhoff's 64 Lincoln Continental, which is a work in progress, and a 2005 Ford GT.  Joining us in our booth was Whiplash, a Ford Hot Rod.

All Ford Show & Swap Meet 2010 4

Sackhoff's 64 Continental project includes putting a 4.6L Ford V8 from an 03 Ford Mustang Cobra and adding a Kenne Bell Supercharger.

There was a lot of people in attendance.

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Jun 4th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Events and Shows, Motorsports

Congratulations to Andrew Coomes, PSI sponsored driver, for his performance in XDC round 2 in Las Vegas.  Andrew did a great job driving his SR powered S13. 

Here's a video that was created for the event by Patrick Sean Kennedy

XDC Vegas - Round 2 from Patrick Sean Kennedy on Vimeo.

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