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by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 27th, 2011 | General, Motorsports

AJC at PSI practice day at Packwood 4.JPG

A shot of AJC tearing up the lumber yard in Packwood.

We recently got AJC and JTP together in Packwood, WA for a practice session.  Yaer Productions was there covering the event.   Here is the first video in the series.

Head over to MotorMavens for a write up by MotorMavens.

Check back for the next video as AJC and JTP tear up PGP.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 20th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, In The Lobby

We now have a different car in our showroom.  We have gone away from the large displacement V8's and V10's and now a 4 cylinder sits in the lobby.  However, what this car lacks in displacement, it makes up for in heritage and styling.

1958 Porsche Special in the lobby at PSI.JPG

A 1958 Porsche Special 2500.

Engine in a 1958 Porsche Special at PSI.JPG

This Porsche is powered by a 2500cc Polo4.

1958 Porsche Special at PSI 007.jpg

We recently had this Porsche on our dyno.

Come down to PSI to check out this rare and very beautiful classic Porsche and the other cars that we are working on. At the time of this post, there is a supercharged methanol-fueled beast on the dyno. More on this in the future.

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Jun 17th, 2011 | Events and Shows

Loren Haleston had the opportunity to join us at Packwood, WA for our client appreciation day.  He took a lot of footage and put together this video for us.

Check it out.

Loren will be at our upcoming Summer Cruise-In and Dyno Exhibition on July 30th. See you all there.

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Jun 16th, 2011 | Client Vehicles

One of our clients is a Porsche enthusiast and has many Porsche including this 997 GT3 RS,

Porsche 997 GT3 RS

He often drives this one or his 911 GT2 to the shop, however this time he brought down his 1958 Porsche Special.

1958 Porsche Special at PSI 003.JPG

A beautifully restored Porsche Special in front of PSI.

The client wanted to see how the car was running so we strapped it down to the dyno for a couple of pulls.

1958 Porsche Special at PSI 007.jpg

Porsche Special ready to run, on the dyno.

1958 Porsche Special at PSI 008.JPG

This Porsche is powered by a 4 cylinder Polo engine from Dean Polopolus.

This is a rare and beautifully restored '58 Porsche Special. This shows you never know what kind of cars will be at PSI, so feel free to stop by.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jun 15th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, On The Dyno, Tuning

Recently, a client brought down his 2007 Honda Civic Si to be tuned.

Jason Oefelein Tuning a Civic Si at PSI 004.JPG

This Civic has a cold air intake and aftermarket headers.  The client wanted to get the most out of these upgrades on his daily driver, so he opted for tuning with Hondata FlashPro.

Jason Oefelein Tuning a Civic Si at PSI 002.JPG

Jason Oefelein tuning the Civic.

After tuning, this Civic makes 208 whp and 152 ft-lbs of torque.  The Hondata FlashPro is a good tuning solution for many late model Honda's.  Another application is the Honda S2000.  Jason Oefelein tuned a turbo S2000 with DBW with a Hondata unit.  Call or come down for more information about Hondata FlashPro and other tuning solutions offered by PSI.

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jun 14th, 2011 | Events and Shows, General

This past Saturday, PSI had the chance to make it out to the Cars and Coffee meet in Tualatin, OR.  When we arrived, there were many Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Porsche's, and more.

Cars and Coffee June 11, 2011 002.JPG

Two of the Lamborghini's there were a Murcielago Roadster and a Countach.

Cars and Coffee June 11, 2011 005.JPG

This red F430 was one of the Ferrari's there. The other Ferrari's included a 348 and a V12 powered 456.  In the background, you can see a Lotus Elise and an Aston Martin Vantage.

There were also several Porsche's from older 911's to newer 911 GT2's. One of our client's and his white 911 GT2 were at the meet.

Cars and Coffee June 11, 2011 006.JPG

Jason Oefelein talked to our client and his friend, who also owns a GT2.

Cars and Coffee June 11, 2011 003.JPG

Jaguar's were well represented by this E-Type.  A Ford GT sat next to this British sports car.

Cars and Coffee June 11, 2011 001.JPG

Jason talked to several people about the Nissan GT-R and what we have been doing with them.

This was another good Cars and Coffee meet with a diverse group of cars and owners. We plan to make it to as many of these gatherings as we can throughout the summer.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jun 8th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports, Tuning

Import Faceoff was at the Woodburn Dragstrip once again.  For the last few years, a high horsepower Mitsubishi Evo tuned by Jason Oefelein ran at Woodburn.  Jason went down to IFO to help support this Evo.

Jason Oefelein pulling run log from Evo.JPG

Jason pulling a run log.

Brian's 865whp Evo at IFO Woodburn 001.JPG

Brian's 865whp Evo going down the quarter mile.JPG

The 865whp Evo doing a pass.

by Kyle Tomita on Mon, Jun 6th, 2011 | General

Here is a link to a great writeup about the last PGP event  from MotorMavens.

Thanks Lucas Perez for mentioning us and Yoshi Shindo for the great photos.  Keep up the good work.

During the driver's meeting, Rob Primo introduced Justin Pawlak, who is currently ranked first in Formula D after his first place finish at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Rob Primo's 2JZ powered S14 tuned by John Reed Racing on the dyno at Portland Speed Industries.

Andrew Coomes giving a spectator a ride in his PSI built LS2 powered S13.

This is a very clean S13 that the driver completed this past winter and tuned by Jason Oefelein.

*All photographs courtesy Yoshi Shindo.

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Jun 2nd, 2011 | General, Motorsports

After the fun day at Packwood, we headed up to Pacific Grand Prix the next day for an open drift event.  We were there to check out some of the best Northwest drifting and also to support Andrew Coomes.

JTP talked a local drifter.JPG

JTP talking with a local drifter.

Jason Oefelein, Justin Pawlak, and Andrew Coomes discussing things at PGP.JPG

Jason Oefelein, Justin Pawlak, and Andrew Coomes talking.

AJC at PGP 5-28-2011 006.JPG

This was Andrew's first time on this track.  He was connecting a lot of the corners and definitely getting a lot of smoke.

JTP driving AJC's LS240 at PGP 001.JPG

Justin took a turn driving Andrew's car.

JTP driving AJC's LS240 at PGP 006.JPG

Andrew rode shotgun and got to see first hand Justin's technique.

Justin Pawlak talking with Andrew Coomes about the corners at PGP.JPG

Andrew Coomes and Justin Pawlak discussing the track.

There were a lot of talented drivers out there.

Drift Union at PGP 5-28-2011 2.JPG

Drift Union made the drive down from Canada.

Walker Wilkerson and Rob Primo drifting at PGP.JPG

Formula D drifter, Walker Wilkerson, and Northwest drifter, Rob Primo, tandem on the track.  Primo's 2JZ powered S14 was tuned by John Reed.  He recently had his S14 at our shop, here is the blog post.

240SX drifting at PGP.JPG

This S13 had been down to our shop earlier this year and was tuned by Jason.

Jason Oefelein talking to some clients at PGP.JPG

Jason Oefelein talking with some clients.

Our weekend was not over, we had one more event to go to.

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