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by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jul 27th, 2011 | On The Dyno

For this On the Dyno post, we have a Toyota MR2 and a Volkswagen Bug.

MR2 with JDM 3SGTE on dyno 001.JPG

Toyota MR2 with a JDM 3SGTE being tuned by Jason Oefelein.

VW Bug on dyno at PSI.JPG

Volkswagen Bug

Check back to see what the future holds in store for our dyno.

While these cars were on the dyno, a Toyota Supra and Nissan GT-R sat out front.

Supra and GTR in front of PSI.JPG

Also don't forget to come down this Saturday, July 30th, for our second annual Summer Cruise-In.

Here is the flyer,

PSI Summer Cruise-In 2011 flyer front

PSI Summer Cruise-In 2011 flyer back

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Jul 21st, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports

Justin Pawlak was in town for the Evergreen Drift Exhibition last weekend and stayed to help Andrew Coomes prepare for Round 3.

Justin Pawlak drifting AJCs PSI built LS240 004.JPG

Justin Pawlak coming off the bank in AJC's PSI built LS2 powered S13 at Extreme Night.

Pawlak was there to help Coomes step his game up to the next level. Pawlak is currently ranked first in Formula Drift and has a lot of incite to share with Coomes.

JTP and AJC discussing the previous run.JPG

Pawlak talking to Coomes about his last run.  Coomes kept improving throughout the day.

AJC drifting 004.JPG

Pawlak watched Coomes drift the track and provided feedback between each run.

Justin Pawlak and Jason Oefelein watching Andrew Coomes drift the bank.JPG

Pawlak and Jason Oefelein watching Coomes drift the bank.

With each run, Coomes continued to improve.

AJC drifting 007.JPG

Come out and support Coomes and the other ProAm drifters at Round 3 this weekend, which is also Formula D Round 5.

We would like to thank Brad from Samuel Hubinette Racing helping by changing some tires for Coomes. We shared the track with Samuel Hubinette Racing's Dodge Viper and Challenger.

Dean Kearny drifting 001.JPG

Dean Kearny drifting SHR's Dodge Viper.

Also, while we were at the track, Ryan Davis, of Yaer Productions, put together this skit for Coomes and his preparation for Round 3.

Andrew Coomes preps for Seattle Formula D at Evergreen Speedway - YAER Productions from Ryan Davis on Vimeo.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jul 20th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports, On The Dyno, Tuning

Once again, Formula Drift's return to Seattle for Throwdown is fast approaching. Kyle Pollard, a Formula D licensed drifter, has been working hard to get his RHD Nissan 240 ready for Throwdown. He has been working late nights building his S13.

Tomei 2.2L SR in RHD S13.JPG

A Tomei 2.2L SR powers Pollard's S13.

Pollard brought his car to PSI to get tuned on our Dynojet dyno by Jason Oefelein.

Kyle Pollard RHD S13 on the dyno at PSI

Pollard's RHD S13 on the dyno.

Jason Oefelein tuning Kyle Pollards RHD S13 003.JPG

Jason Oefelein tuning Pollard's S13.

Jason stayed late and got it tuned.  The SR makes 481 whp and 373 ft-lbs of torque.

Check out this video of the run,

Don't miss out on seeing Kyle Pollard drifting his S13 this weekend at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA and also the rest of the Formula D and Evergreen ProAm drivers.

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jul 19th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports

This past Saturday, Justin Pawlak was at Evergreen Speedway for Extreme Night.  He was there with a few other Formula D and Pro Am drifters for a Drift Exhibition to hype up Formula Drift Round 5 the following weekend.

Evergreen Extreme Night 005.JPG

Before any of the racing or drifting, all the cars were lined up for the spectators to get a closer look at the cars and talk to the drivers.

Evergreen Extreme Night 003.JPG

Andrew Coomes talking to a competitor in the Stinger 8 Series.

Justin Pawlak meeting Racey Raccoon.JPG

Justin Pawlak was signing autographs for fans.

The Falken Tire Mustang Justin normally drives was still on its way to Evergreen Speedway, so Andrew Coomes let me drift his LS240. We built the LS240, which is a S13 240SX with a 6.6L LS2 V8.

That is not A Coomes.JPG

Cars at the Evergreen Drift Exhibition.JPG

Drift cars for the drift exhibition.

Justin Pawlak and Roland drifting at Extreme Night.JPG

Justin Pawlak and Roland Gallagher drifting off the bank.

Evergreen Extreme Night 0020.JPG

There was also a rollover contest.

Don't forget next weekend is Formula Drift at Evergreen Speedway. Check out Justin Pawlak drifting his Falken Tire Mustang and Andrew Coomes drifting his LS2 powered 240.

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Jul 12th, 2011 | On The Dyno, Tuning

On the Dyno is a new series of blog posts that we are doing.  We will be featuring a particular car that has been on our dyno.

For the inaugural posts, we have a Toyota Supra.  An iconic vehicle in the import tuning scene, the Supra is a highly recognizable car.

cars at PSI

Here at PSI, we have had many Supra's come through the doors, including 1000+whp Supra's.

For this post, we have a red 1994 Supra with a 71mm GTXR turbo.  This Supra is far from stock.

Supra on the dyno at PSI.JPG

2JZ with 71mm GTXR Turbo.JPG

The large turbo sits below the TRD strut tower bar because of a custom PSI turbo manifold.

completed on bench 2

PSI Custom turbo manifold with a Tial wastegate.

The Supra is on the dyno to get retuned in preparations for the PacNW Supra Nationals later this week. Another Supra will be on the dyno later for this same event.

But directly following this Supra was a KA-T powered Datsun 510.

Bluebird Datsun 510 with KA-T and AEM

The Datsun is being retuned by John Reed after the installation of larger injectors and bigger fuel pump. At 100% duty cycle, the old injectors were limiting the power of the KA-T.

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Jul 7th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

Between each event, we have been working to improve Andrew Coomes' Rocket Bunny drift car.

AJC at PSI practice day at Packwood 3.JPG

This time our attention was focused under the hood. The 6.6L LS2 V8 has been tuned and tested, so we focused on keeping the body rigid.

AJC Drift - PSI strut tower bar and braces.JPG

A custom strut tower brace and more supports were added. With the removal of the wheel wells, 1" square tubing was used to increase the strength of the front. The tubing is triangulated between the tower mounts and the front.

AJC Drift - PSI strut tower bar.JPG

The main addition is this custom strut tower brace. It helps to control body roll and keeps the body rigid. The brace triangulates between the towers and the firewall.

These are just some of the many custom components to help Andrew as competitive as he can as he works toward his goal of a Formula Drift License in the Evergreen ProAm Series.  Check back here for more updates on Andrew Coomes and his LS2 powered S13.

by Kyle Tomita on Wed, Jul 6th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Motorsports

At Forum Fest 2011, one of our clients made it into the 9.90's in his Evo 8.

This Evo was tuned by Jason Oefelein and makes 865 whp.  A few months before, the client took the Evo to Import Face Off for some shakedown runs.

Jason Oefelein pulling run log from Evo.JPG

Jason pulling the logs after a pass.

After a few warm up runs, the client made it down the track in 9.947 secs at 147.67 mph. There was a little wheel spin out of the hole but still managed a 1.55 60ft.

Congrats on getting into the 9's, we expect to see some faster times as our client gets more time behind the wheel.

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