Services We Offer

With over 30 years of combined fabricaition experience in the automotive industry, we have the ability to build anything you can imagine.
With a wide variety of talent and experience, the PSI team can assist you with your performance modification and repair needs.
A safe, quality tune is our first priority, and the performance numbers will follow.

Dyno Info

While offering tuning services, PSI also leases time on the dyno.  You will find that we use a model 424xLC2 utilizes a pair of 224xLC's along with an ingenious wheelbase adjustment system.  The model 424xLC2 can handle all the popular AWD vehicles on the road today.  Along with offering the precise control from the eddy current load absorption units, the system also eliminates any potential speed bias between the two drums.  This virtue is critical on some of the latest computer controlled AWD systems.

This system can measure up to 2000+ whp and 200 mph.  It was previously maxed out at 1500whp.  We also offer wide-band O2 monitoring so that every dyno run can show the air/fuel ratio along with horsepower and torque.  A dyno is a great tool for any tuner or car enthusiast.  It allows for better knowledge and control of a vehicle.