Services We Offer

With over 30 years of combined fabricaition experience in the automotive industry, we have the ability to build anything you can imagine.
A safe, quality tune is our first priority, and the performance numbers will follow.
PSI utilizes their Dynojet AWD dynamometer to test and tune many different vehicles.


With a wide variety of talent and experience, the PSI team can assist you with your performance modification and repair needs.  The combined experience in high performance modification of the PSI team spands over 80 years.  The resources and support available to us and our clients is astounding.  With that much experience, there is hardly any job that we cannot handle.  The other side to the industry is repair.  The dealerships are setup to handle repairs on primarily stock vehicles.  Here at PSI, we handle both stock and aftermarket repairs.  Whether you need a clutch replaced or a whole engine swap, PSI is the team for you.  Big engine builds and turbo setups often get most of the attention but keeping the entire car running at is best is just as important.  

With this vast knowledge and experience, we can often recommend the right parts for your project to meet or exceed your needs.  If you have any question, do not hesitate to call us or use or contact form to send us a message.